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About Us

The staff at Gonzalez & Associates are dedicated to providing our clients and their families with superior personal service that guarantees representation by Mr. Gonzalez himself.  Our practice is devoted entirely to litigation.  Mr. Gonzalez is an experienced and skilled trial lawyer.  He has earned a reputation of being one of the top Criminal Defense Lawyers in West Palm Beach and South Florida.  Mr. Gonzalez is a former police officer having previously worked as road patrol officer, detective and narcotics agent.   While other defense lawyers rely on law enforcement’s version of events and procedure, Mr. Gonzalez has actual and extensive experience of crime scenes, police procedure, police policy and the manner in which investigations should be properly conducted.  How many criminal defense lawyers can tell their clients that they have conducted actual police investigations in the street?  This is knowledge is priceless and will serve as a distinct advantage in defending your rights and privileges under Florida law.  It is critical to secure proper legal representation prior to speaking to law enforcement about any criminal matter.  If you have been arrested or believe you are the target of a criminal investigation call our office for a FREE consultation.  You and family’s future deserve the proper representation.  Call us at 561-500-4529 (G-LAW)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Domestic Violence

  • Drug Charges

  • Gun Charges

  • Violent Crimes

  • DUI / Field Tests

  • Asset Forfeiture

  • Theft / Robbery

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are arrested, it is advised that you do not speak with the arresting officer or any police officer prior to hiring an attorney.  It is often not realized that you have the right to remain silent and you are not required to give a statement or a confession to an officer.  The police will likely use anything you say against you in court which is why it is extremely important to seek representation immediately to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case.  Remember, Orlando Gonzalez was a former police officer.  He knows these tactics, he also understands that sometimes the police can make mistakes.  Mr Gonzalez can identify these mistakes and use them to help you defend your rights.

We are often asked the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor.  While both advise legal representation, it is important to understand where they differ.  A felony is punishable by one or more years in prison.  A misdemeanor does not face an punishable charge of prison longer than one year.  Misdemeanor crimes are often considered less serious crimes than felony.  Mr Gonzalez  can walk you through each case and the potential outcomes for each.  He can also provide you with the best possible solutions regardless of guilt.

A dismissal occurs when the prosecution drops your case.  This can occur after all the evidence and procedures of arrest are reviewed.  After this review it will be determined on wether your case is worth prosecution.  In some cases you can receive a dismissal if community service is agreed upon or by attending certain classes.  Orlando Gonzalez is an expert on working through each case and working towards giving you the best absolute outcome possible.

When charges are filed against you and a verdict cannot be reached, your case may go to trial.  It is important to understand that not all lawyers are experienced in the court room.  This is an entirely different skill set and requires some experience if you are looking at getting the best possible results.  When seeking representation from a lawyer ask them direct about their actual trail experience.  Your future deserves an experienced trail lawyer with proven results.  Orlando Gonzalez has over 21 years of trial experience with proven results.

Meet Our Team

Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando GonzalezCriminal Defense Attorney
Certified Trial Lawyer with over 21 years experience in the courtroom. Former police officer and detective. Orlando understands both sides of the Criminal System. Available 24/7 at: (561) 500-4529
Customer Service Team
Customer Service Team
At Gonzalez & Associates we take great pride in personalized client service. We are here to help you not judge you. Our staff is incredible at what they do and are standing by for your call! (561) 500-4529

Our Happy Clients

“My son’s mother would not let me see my son and I had no one to turn to! Orlando Gonzalez was relentless against her “Big Time” Lawyer. Today, I enjoy 50/50 custody of my son and even got his name changed. Orlando was conscientious, understanding and just incredible! My son and I owe him forever.”


Orlando is a very good attorney and human being.  He truly cares for his clients, and he represents them vigorously.  He is very knowledgeable about the law and has exceptional courtroom skill.  He knows how to put on an effective case in court before a real judge.  You  an rest assured knowing if your case goes to trial, he will be very well prepared.  In my case he not only won but he absolutely demolished the other side!  It wasn’t even close.

James Wigley

Looking for a lawyer that is Ethical, Trustworthy and will Over Perform!

I met Orlando during a difficult time after spending a night in jail, when a false police report was filed against me. My wife found him through a friend and after interviewing 2 other attorneys, he gave my family the immediate confidence they were looking for. While most attorneys seem to take advantage of people during a difficult time, Orlando proved his ability to us during the 1st phase of the case, when he got me out of jail on my own recognizance, with no bail to pay. He then showed how ethical and fair he is with his fee to handle the ongoing phases of the case. While all my prior needs for attorneys were business or contract related, I never found an attorney that worked diligently, returned calls or would live up to their upfront sales pitch to grab my retainer. Orlando not only returns calls, but will also initiate the call to see how I was doing or to give me an update on how things are going. His experience in deposing others really shined through to prove to the State Attorney of my innocents and he successfully got the case dropped to avoid the stress and additional costs of a trial. It was also very apparent while in court with Orlando on different occasions, how well respected he is and how many strong relationships he’s built over the years. Orlando has easily earned my respect and I highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves needing a criminal attorney. My Family and I Thank You!


Great attorney, Highly recomended.

I was lucky enough to be refereed to Orlando Gonzalez by a customer of mine, with whom I had discussed that I was in the middle of a terrible divorce case. My prior attorney did a terrible job, took a lot of my money and withdrew, I got a 90 day continuance to find a new attorney, the customer suggested I call Orlando Gonzalez immediately.
I called the office and made arrangements for a consultation with Mr. Gonzalez, I explained the very basic nature of the case, yet the complex history due to my ex-wifes delay/run up the costs tactics. I explained to Orlando that my son was the only thing I cared about, I wanted to be a full time parent, 50/50 or as close to that as we can get. He said he felt he could help me, I paid him his retainer and he said he would look at the case file, and give an honest assessment of what we should do.
He said based on his experience, from what I told him and from what he read in the case files, he knew we would end up going to trial, there would be no concessions on her part and mediation would likely not lead to any resolution and we would have to go to trial; and he prepared me for that likelihood.

Depositions were scheduled and held, trial was scheduled, as was the mandatory final pre-trial mediation.

Of course Mr. Gonzalez was correct, and mediation did not resolve anything, they were not offering any meaningful compromises.

The day before trial, Mr. Gonzalez spent about 3 hours with me, preparing me to testify, reminding me to stick to the facts. He assured me that he knew the law, and he felt we would win, as long as I headed his advice.
The next day we went to trial. I can only describe his performance in court as superb. He made an extremely compelling opening statement. He called my wife to the stand and did a very good job questioning her. Every time her attorney attempted to introduce spurious, irreverent, unreliable evidence; or to illicit improper testimony, Mr. Gonzalez quickly objected and made sound legal arguments as to why the court should disallow the proffered evidence or testimony; almost all of his objections were sustained by the court.
He was so well prepared, he knew exactly what they would attempt to do, and he had well reasoned legal arguments prepared and ready to go. He had me well prepared to testify.

Do I even need to say the outcome of the trial?
We got everything we wanted. I could not be happier with the result. Orlando Gonzalez is a great attorney, and a genuinely good person. He got me my son back, I’m going to be a full time dad.
If you are facing the loss of your freedom or family, you definitely want an attorney like Orlando Gonzalez representing you. His experience, his knowledge of the law, his courtroom skill, and his legal instincts are all attributes you want; he is absolutely worth every penny.
I will forever be grateful to Orlando Gonzalez and his staff, they are no nonsense, and they play to win.


Highly Recommended

Orlando exhibits the highest level of professionalism. His commitment is not only apparent in his professional practice, but also within the community. I have personally known Orlando for over 15 years, and find him to be one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys with whom I have worked with in many areas.


He Gives Lawyers A Good Name

Orlando is amazing, from the moment I stepped foot into his office, not only did he make me feel comfortable and advise step by step as to what to expect, and man was he on point, he called it, start to finish. Orlando tells you like it is, never makes any false promises and is always available to talk, especially in an emergency and even well after the case is over, I truly wish there were more lawyers like him out there. Orlando, thank you for all you have done for me and my children.


Removed My Stress…

Mr Gonzalez is a very professional, family oriented attorney. From the moment we met, he put my mind at ease and reassured me that I have nothing to stress about. Mr Gonzalez is a man of his word, he got my two cases dropped. His fees are steep, but to have your life back and your stress removed, it’s worth every cent. If you can bring him on as your attorney, do it. You will not regret it.


Amazing Experience

I recently was represented by Mr. Gonzalez for a divorce case and was pleased with my experience. Before I was able to find him I had been turned away by various lawyers. I am a young mother who was a full time student with a part time job and was unable to afford the astronomical fees associated with legal representation. He was incredibly reassuring and kept me informed during every legal transition. During the mediation process he was very supportive and absolutely had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Mr. Gonzalez to anyone, he is extremely knowledgable about his profession and cares about his clients.


I am extremely thankful for Mr. Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is an incredible individual. From the moment I first met with him I felt I was in safe hands and that above all else he would look after my best interests with integrity and honesty. He has been at the end of phone whenever I have needed him. He makes it a point to even know the names of my children and look out for them above else. Mr. Gonzalez has helped me immensely throughout a difficult Divorce and I am very grateful and thankful that he was recommended to me. He is an outstanding Attorney but more than that a great person.


Excellent lawyer!!!

Your best bet!!!!!
Orlando Gonzalez did an excellent job representing me. He was so easy to get in touch with and always kept me updated on the situation. He never made any false promises about what I was facing, and yet he managed to get the best possible outcome under very bleak circumstances. A great deal of preparation was always put into my defense and he maneuvered around the courtroom with skill. You won’t find a better guy to have in your corner. I highly recommend consulting with orlando If you find yourself in trouble.

Albert ,

New beginning

I had the pleasure of meeting Orlando in 1998 after talking to several other attorneys who focused on their fee and not me. Orlando was very straight forward and honest with me. He made me promise that I would never see him in this manor again. I TRULY owe this man for allowing me a second chance at life and allowing me to raise my new born daughter. I was a single parent at the time and my daughter is now 17 in the 11th grade (IB, AP, Honor Student). Thanks Orlando for believing in me.

Everything in life happens for a reason!


an honest man

Orlando is a man with a heart. After going to several other lawyers I was blessed with a referral to him from a friend. He grasped my situation quickly and responded honestly. He was there with me through some of the worst days in my life. He stood up for me and spoke for me when I couldn’t. He is an honerable man .


Highly recommended attorney

I hired Mr. Gonzalez at a very crucial and vulnerable time in my life. I was looking at a very long prison sentence and losing my family. Mr. Gonzalez was kind, considerate and ,most importantly very professional. The case was dismissed. I don’t know how I could ever repay him for the help he provided me. Even though I spent a lot of money, it was worth every penny-MY FREEDOM AND FAMILY.


First case

I was looking for an attorney and Orlando was highly recommended from alot of people that I personally know so I felt very comfortable hiring him to represent me, this was my first time ever being in trouble and Orlando walked me through the entire process and he did exactly what he said he was going to do. I have already recommended Orlando to my friends and family members .


Amazing Attorney

I used Orlando Gonzalez as my attorney in October 2010. He is an amazing attorney with lots of knowledge. My case was a very difficult one and he managed to make the whole process very smooth. I would recommend him to anyone.



Also helped with a family matter. Kept me very informed and had a better than expected outcome. I don’t know about the previous review, because he always returned my phone calls. Would use again and highly recommend!